Batik Universalku

Set Cardigan Pants batik cap Parang Wayang


Setelan Cardigan Pants batik cap Parang Wayang

Material: Batik Paris Cap (Rayon)

Traditional wax batik method

Lightweight, breathable.

No furing. 

Color: Sogan Mocca (Black cream) or Sogan Gold (Black Gold)


Cardigan: Width 120 cm. Height  70 cm. Upper arm opening 45cm. 7/8 Sleeve

Slit leg Pants: Waist elastic 60-85 CM. Hips max.100 CM, Height 94cm. 

2 Variant with slightly different pants:

1. with Slit.

2. no Slit. * We can send the pants with no slit, but the overall fit will be tighter compare to the original pants with slit/opening. Please choose variant: NO SLIT. 

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