1. What material do you use? 

We only use batik cloth handmade by batik artisan, using wax cooper stamped. Due to the traditional process, it's common if you find wax residue/ stain on the cloth. Actual color may be darker/ lighter colors as on the picture due to the traditional drying process and also monitor setting (filter). 

 2.  Is the fabric thin and see thru? 

The base cloth we use is rayon blend, in Indonesia commonly known as "Batik Paris".  Rayon fabric is thinner compare to cotton, but not see thru.

It is lightweight, drapery, comfortable to wear.  As the nature of the fabric is thin and we don't use any lining (furing), in some cases for example pastel colors Kaftan dress you may want to use skin colors inner slip to wear. 

3. Do you have Couple/ Men/ Childrenwear or only Batik cloth? 

 Women clothing only. 

4. Do you accept group orders? 

Yes, if we have ready stocks, we can send immediately.

As our products are handmade and not mass production, normally, for more than 6 pcs/ color, it will take 7 days to process the 'group order'.  

5. Do you accept custom design/ size/ prints? 

We don't accept any custom orders.