Batik Universalku

Set Batik Cardigan batik & pants matryoska doll


Set Batik Cardigan batik & slit legs pants matryoska doll

Traditional wax batik method


No Furing/ lining.

Color: sogan mocca or sogan red*

*Currently, Cardigan Sogan red available in Full doll version (not Parang doll combination). See photo for details.


Cardigan: Width 120 cm. Height  70 cm. Upper arm opening 45cm. 7/8 Sleeve  

Pants: Elasticated waist 60-85cm. Hips +/-100 CM. Height +/- 94CM

* We can send the pants with no slit, but the overall fit will be tighter compare to the original pants with slit/opening. 

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